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ICT infrastructure is changing dramatically, with the advances in cloud services, wireless technology and bring-your-own devices.

Say goodbye to having a handful of desktop devices using your wireless network! With today’s mobile technology, any number of laptops, tablets or smart phones are using your network.

Proactive organisations are looking for professional help to establishing a robust wireless network that can support the growing needs of their evolving environment.


The increase in the number of individuals using their own mobile devices means your organisation is seeing a dramatic spike in the number of devices on the network. And as more devices are used on old wireless networks, you’ll see slower page loading times, internet drop-outs and general frustration.

What this means for your visitors, staff, students and customers:

• Frustrating user experience

• WIFI drop-outs and interruptions

• Reduced engagement

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Catalytic IT offer a wireless audit, which consists of:

  • A heatmap of your school’s wireless solution as it currently stands.
  • Survey report highlighting Areas of concern, due to elements such as:
  • Co-Channel Interference
  • Adjacent Channel Interference
  • Interference
  • Low signal to noise ratios
  • Low real-world data transfer
  • Other network capacity & performance issues
  • A recommendations document based on the survey.

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Why Choose Us?

Our engineers have been working in organisations that rely on wireless, from schools to medical practices and businesses. With our significant experience in auditing, implementing and troubleshooting wireless networks, we are confident we can help you.

Our engineers are Certified Network Wireless Professionals and Ekahau Certified Survey Engineers, utilising tools such as the Ekahau Sidekick and Ekahau Site Survey Pro to conduct our surveys. We invest heavily in ongoing training and professional development for our wireless engineers and we have a broad range of familiarity across many vendors.  Our focus is on designing an effective solution for you, regardless of your vendor choice, that meets your requirements, is robust, and high performing.  Put simply, we do wireless right.

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St Mary’s College were struggling with an old wireless network and the frequent interruptions to wireless connection meant online learning was hit and miss, leaving student’s restless and teacher’s stressed.

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Sam Baird

Our students need integrated IT to help them stay on task and maintain engagement. So, when we have hold-ups with our wireless network, whether from running slow or dropping out, we get a spike in off-task behaviours. It’s our aim to provide a top-rate service and so we chose a top-rate IT comp...

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