What are Managed Services?

Managed Services means all your devices keep humming along without a hitch. From desktops to laptops and tablets we monitor, support and update your IT network.

When you opt for our IT Managed Services, you’re saying yes to simple, effective IT solutions that ensure you have smooth running IT systems. After all, when you (or your team) fire-up the laptop, you want instant access to the programs you need, rather than endless updates causing delays!

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Why Choose Managed Services?

Desktop management

Want full support for your desktop systems? Our Managed service includes software installation, troubleshooting, liaising with hardware suppliers and assistance with using your device.


Checking the health of your IT systems means looking out for the warning signs before they become problems. We use monitoring software which alerts us if your device is likely to present with issues, which means we can often address potential problems before they become interruptions.

Updates and fixes (patching)

IT is evolving and keeping your devices up to date ensures the latest compatibility, bug fixes and security is in place.  We’ll manage all updates, patching for your device and ensure that it’s running at optimal performance.

Utilisation tracking

Our monitoring tools allow us to keep an eye on how heavily utilised a device is and alert us to any challenges.  These might include running out of storage, memory, or other unusual activity.

How Does It Work?


Our Complimentary Consultation

This is your opportunity to meet our consultants, discuss you needs and see if we're a good fit for you.


Your IT Service Needs

We explore your current technology, review the devices and establish a management plan.


Outstanding Service 24/7

From here, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to ensure your IT devices are up to date, running smoothly and keeping things flowing in your work space.

Who is This Ideal For?

Primary and Secondary Schools

Consultancy based Service Professionals

Busy Medical Practices

Rapidly Growing Businesses

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