What is ICT Consulting?

Technology is continually evolving, so when it comes to IT in your business, you’re bound to experience bumps in the road. From slow systems to security and data breaches, IT needs attention.

And that’s where we come in…

We provide Consulting services to help you maintain smooth running IT systems that increase productivity, make life easier and are simple to use. We’ll work towards your priorities, including getting you back up and running if that’s what you need. But more importantly, we’ll work alongside you to improve your systems and processes to ensure your environment is optimal at all times.

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Why Choose ICT Consulting?

IT support when you need it

ICT Consulting is perfect for a growing organisation that needs ICT support but can’t justify a full time in-house role. We’ll come out to your business, work with your existing team and provide the ICT support you need for a nominated number of hours per week. Plus, you’ll get access to remote service desk support outside of your scheduled hours.

Manage Cloud based systems

If you’re thinking about implementing Cloud based technology, then we can help. It’s a smart way to streamline your operations, but it requires regular monitoring and integration experts who can bring your systems together. An ICT Consultant can advise you on the best course of action to implement and manage this.

Overcome a tech road block

It could be you’ve hit a tech road block and you need some expert advice. Or you want to find a better way of working and are looking for IT solutions. Chances are, we can find the answer that will make ICT work for your organisation.

How Does It Work?


Our Complimentary Consultation

This is your opportunity to meet our consultants, discuss you needs and see if we're a good fit for you.


Your Current Situation

We explore your current technology, review the objectives of your IT and see if they are meeting your goals.


Results Tailored to Your Goals

We're here to deliver a solution that enables your organisation to utilise ICT for the best reuslts.

Who is This Ideal For?

Primary and Secondary Schools

Consultancy Based Service Professionals

Busy Medical Practices

Rapidly Growing Businesses

St Mary’s Say Hello to A Faster Server

Sam Baird ICT Administrator St Mary’s needed an ICT professional with school experience to migrate their server.

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Private: Dr John Yovich, Medical Director

My organisation comprises 2 separate medical centres (Perth and cairns) which employs 70 staff and caters for 30 Consultants. These centres both comprise Medical Consultation Clinics, along with internal laboratories and ultrasound facilities, as well, each includes an internal high-level Day-care H...

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Sam Baird

Our students need integrated IT to help them stay on task and maintain engagement. So, when we have hold-ups with our wireless network, whether from running slow or dropping out, we get a spike in off-task behaviours. It’s our aim to provide a top-rate service and so we chose a top-rate IT comp...

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Dr Warren Saint

It was suggested to me 6 years ago that there was a company who was familiar with Apple computers and the medical program Genie that I have been using since 2004. They were quickly able to improve our computer system and since it has been upgraded significantly with great results. We now have all...

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Private: Dr Simon Weight

Matthew has been providing services and solutions to my business for almost 10 years. Throughout this time he has been dependable, reliable and knowledgeable. If ever the system has gone down, they quickly get it back up and running, be remotely or in person. I can thoroughly recommend Catalytic ...

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