For Schools

Our School Experience

Simplifying Device Management

We’ve helped schools to manage their devices using simple systems.

Apple Made Easy

We’ve helped schools automate Apple devices using the JAMF Pro hosted system, saving them time and money.

Brokering Better Deals

We’ve helped schools take a strategic approach to ICT saving 16 schools in the Catholic Education System over $83,900.

Bringing Schools Together

We’ve helped schools build a seamless experience within their organisation for staff and students by establishing universal processes.

Improving Connectivity

We’ve helped schools manage the demands of wireless in an ever-changing environment with survey, design and optimisation services.

Protecting Students

We understand the security required to protect students online and help schools ensure their processes and systems are compliant.

How Do We Help?

We are well known and respected as ICT service professionals and offer a range of services for schools.

Wireless Specialists

Need wireless connectivity? We are experienced in wireless services.

Apple Specialists

Need in house training? Our experienced trainers keeps things simple, so your team don’t get overwhelmed.

Managed Services

Want reliable, fully functioning IT? Our Managed Services means your devices are always updated, synced and secure.

Device Management

Feeling the strain of managing multiple devices? Our Device Management Plan will make it easy for you.

Strategic Planning

Want IT solutions that align with strategic goals? We’ll help you map a plan that delivers on these.

ICT Consulting

Need help to work things through? We can assist you to identify issues, find solutions and understand your systems.

Why Schools Choose Us?

The education sector in WA is a tight-knit community and our team are well-known and liked from Broome, to Busselton and beyond.

Schools choose Catalytic IT because we are a dedicated school provider, who understand the needs of schools. Our passion to provide the best ICT solutions for budget conscious organisations, means we are always looking for way to achieve long term outcomes whilst working within the constraints of a school budget.

Our School Specialists



Michael has worked with a number of leading digital schools, helping to deliver their ICT vision through design, planning and the practical application of technology.




Esteban brings a fresh perspective to technology giving schools new ideas that are easy to work with. Esteban has been working with schools since joining Catalytic IT and has built a fantastic reputation in the community.



Senior ICT Consultant

Dave has spent his career in the education sector. Prior to joining Catalytic IT, he held the position as IT Manager in two schools. He is well respected in the industry and his deep knowledge of IT in education is evident in all he does.



Senior ICT Consultant

Jacob has been working in the ICT industry for the last 5 years with a strong focus on education technologies.



ICT Consultant

Peter has worked in the ICT industry since 2013 and has in-depth experience in health and education technologies.



Service Desk Team Lead

Adam has been leading service departments over the last 8 years and is a visionary for improving technology and systems which are capable of transforming an organisation.



Service Desk Technician

Dominic Ellis joined the team at Catalytic IT in September 2019.



Service Desk Technician

Kieren brings Service Desk experience within education to his role. With a passion for helping others achieve their goals using technology.


Discover How St Mary’s College Put an End to Network Drop-Outs

St Mary’s College were struggling with an old wireless network and the frequent interruptions to wireless connection meant online learning was hit and miss, leaving student’s restless and teacher’s stressed.

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