Case Study: Mobile Device Management

Company Name

Traffic Force

Business Sector

Traffic Management

Company size

51-200 employees


Traffic control, Traffic Management Planning and Hire Equipment and Road Safety Auditing.




Traffic Force had recently implemented a roll-out of 60 iPads to their remotely located workforce, stretching from Joondalup to Albany.


Their Bunbury offices housed over a third of the new iPads. So when they were alerted to a break-in over the long weekend they feared the worst.


Tegan got the call from security to alert her to the theft. She knew time was running out to track the iPads and rang Rick on his mobile with little expectation of a response, knowing it was the long weekend.


Within 10 minutes Rick returned the call and was able to log-in remotely, find the error and activate Lost Mode on Tegan’s behalf.

The iPads were recovered, their ‘lost’ beacon helped police find other stolen property in the same location.

How We Helped

Like most people, Tegan thought it would never happen to her. When Rick helped with the roll-out of new iPads for Traffic Force, he explained how to enable Lost Mode if they were ever stolen.

When Teagan received the dreaded on the long weekend she couldn’t believe it! There’d been a break-in and 20 iPads and other valuables were gone. She immediately recalled Rick’s instructions, logging in remotely from her farm in Manjimup. On her first attempt she wasn’t able to activate Lost Mode.

Knowing time was of the essence (a window of only 24 hours) she was frustrated that she couldn’t get it to work. On the off-chance she called Rick’s mobile and left a message.

Step 1

Respond to urgent call on long weekend

Step 2

Log in remotely and enable Lost Mode

Step 3

Show Tegan how to solve the problem

The Outcome

Within 15 minutes Rick had returned Teagan’s call, logged in remotely and found the oversight in activating Lost Mode. Teagan couldn’t believe she’d missed that one step that had halted the whole process and was relieved to have Rick guide her through it again. From here she went through and activated Lost Mode on all the stolen iPads.

And what a result she got…

Not only were every iPad was recovered but the police found other stolen property from surrounding businesses too! Thanks to the tracking beacon more than one business owner had their goods returned.

Tegan Says...

“My sincere thanks for promptly returning my call yesterday particularly when it was a public holiday.

Thanks to your help, I continued activating the lost mode on all devices to track them.  Couldn’t believe it was just that one bit I hadn’t entered which caused it not working.

By mid-afternoon we had luckily located all of our stolen items including all iPads!!!”

Traffic Force recovered their iPads. How could Catalytic IT help you?

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