Case Study: Wireless Rollout

Company Name

Catholic Education WA (CEWA)

Business Sector



Strategic Direction, Conferences and Training




CEWA are pioneering digital transformation in Catholic Education with their LEADing Lights platform. The vision is to unite 162 schools, 4 offices and early learning centres in a single unified digital system. As part of the implementation process, wireless connectivity needs to be a seamless foundation for all head and regional offices.


With conferences, training days and meetings held regularly in Head Office buildings, the demand on existing WIFI was huge. Without a unified wireless solution, temporary fixes were patched together behind the scenes to enable connectivity and this led to a poor user experience. Add to this the challenge of integrating wireless hardware into heritage buildings and the problem was amplified.


Catalytic IT’s leading education specialist Michael Lester led the project, liaising at all levels of the organisation to understand the strategic objectives, current challenges and ideal outcomes. Michael’s skills in problem solving were key in engineering a solution that considered the unique attributes of the buildings, whilst providing a responsive wireless solution that would meet a growing demand.


Catalytic IT helped CEWA with a key step in their vision by providing seamless connectivity from head and regional offices. Their work demonstrated that world class wireless is attainable without compromising historically significant buildings and has delivered on the promise of a seamless user experience for one and all.

How We Helped

Within the bigger picture of their technological evolution, the CEWA wireless rollout at head office was a small, but critical step towards the bigger vision. The successful outcome of this project would be felt by many users, from administration staff to teachers and education professionals.

The goal was simple, make technology work so that the user experience is seamless.

The reality was more complex.

To enable all users to access WIFI effortlessly at any time meant working across 8 offices, located from Bunbury to Broome with unique heritage buildings and multiple stake holders.

At the time CEWA engaged us, WIFI was problematic for them, and visiting staff and teachers would often find it difficult to log-on.  There were huge fluctuations in demand, from 500 at a conference to day to day staff. This meant CEWA needed a robust system that could sustain heavy usage.

Our priority was in understanding the complexities of the project, identifying key decision makers and liaising with the internal IT team.

Step 1

Identify the strategic goals and key stake holders

Step 2

Engineer a unique wireless solution

Step 3

Ensure users have a seamless WiFi experience

The Outcome

With a single login, teachers, staff and visiting professional can seamlessly access the wireless network at the CEWA offices. This fundamental interaction with technology inspires confidence and cohesion for the CEWA and their pioneering digital transformation.

We believe wireless connectivity should be like breathing, effortless and easy, and that’s exactly what we achieved for CEWA.

Tony Panetta, Head of Digital Transformation Says...

“Catalytic IT are a unique IT service organisation who rise to the challenge of our high standards. I believe IT just needs to work, and however painful it is to make that happen, I’m looking for a zero-compromise result.

Michael and the team embraced this and delivered on the project with confidence and professionalism. Their strategic thinking, problem solving, and patient communication enabled them to tailor a solution which meets our goals.”

CEWA have seamless WIFI. How could Catalytic IT help you?

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