Our Story

Where It All Began

Catalytic IT was founded in 2013, by two former colleagues and with the backing of two well-established Perth-based entrepreneurs offering guidance, and advice.

A short time after foundation,  Esteban Vidal and Michael Lester joined the team and became active directors in the business in 2020 and 2014 respectively. 

The Directors believe that ICT has the power to improve organisational efficiency, increase productivity, enable new opportunities and support all aspects of a modern business. They believe that understanding who their customers are, and what they do, is core to being able to meet this. It’s this belief that fuelled the decision to establish Catalytic IT and build the business around these core values.

Our Vision

We strive to achieve streamlined integration between technology, productivity, and creativity. It’s our vision to embed ICT seamlessly into the daily operations of organisations large and small.

Our Mission

Catalytic IT achieves this by helping small businesses, schools and medical practices shift ICT from a cost centre to a strategic enabler that supports growth, innovation, productivity and helps our customers succeed.

Growing a Team of Experts

In the early days, Catalytic IT were well known for their strength in supporting medical practices and their deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem. This was built on the subject matter expertise of the Directors and was well received by the industry.

It wasn’t long before the team began to grow, with the arrival of Esteban Vidal in 2014. Meredith Cox was added to the management team in 2015 and was joined shortly afterwards by David Moyle in 2016. The team continued to expand in 2017 with the addition of Kieren Blaney-Murphy and Jacob Huggins. In 2019 we’ve added Adam Fardig, Heather Twaddell and Peter Hardy to our ever expanding team.

Today Catalytic IT has a wealth of experience across technology platforms and industry verticals. We invest heavily in development to ensure our team remain amongst the best in their fields. Each team member brings their own flair and strengths, combining to make Catalytic IT the well-respected ICT Consultancy firm it is today.

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Catalytic IT is an 11 strong team